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What Is the Rotary Dial Connection?

We represent the pulse of the "over 50 crowd" and their caring families

The Rotary Dial Connection is a community of people over the age of 50, and their caring families, who want a trusted source of ongoing information, tips, entertainment,  engagement, and whose opinions and views are used for academic research, advocacy, influencing products, services and government policy.

 The Connection sustains its operations from our subscriber subscription fees and the special events that it produces throughout the year only  We do this to maintain our separation and objectivity in the things that we do for our subscribers and to ensure that the opinion data we collect and provide to our affiliates is not subject to external influences.   We do not permit paid advertising or sponsorships. 

Our target is to have 250,000 of these subscriber voices of influence, join us here on the Connection!

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We're the "where to go, when you need to know"

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A representative data resource for research



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