About Us at the Connection

To Be Engaged, Influential and Connected!

As a group of those "over 50" and in some cases, "well over 50", the founders of Rotary Dial Connection have spent a lot of time with this demographic, not only as members themselves but also through their network of clients, customers, family, friends, co-workers and the like.  

Our analysis over the past several years is that a common theme has emerged from this group, in that while the internet and today's media in general is jam-packed with information, entertainment, news, recipes, pictures, chats, you name it..... very little seems to be focused on the interests, needs and desires of this group.  

And what appeared to be missing is an ability for that group to truly engage and influence those issues of importance to us, whether we're seniors, pre-seniors or their caring families.  Bottom line....there was a need to feel relevant and influential, again.

So we created The Rotary Dial Connection to provide four core objectives.  Those being.....

Our Four Core Objectives

Information & Entertainment


To provide information and entertainment that is relevant, tasteful and appropriate to our demographic and in a way that's convenient and current.  We'll do this through selective social media content, our own content and our own Inside Connection videocast series. 

Engagement & Connection


To create opportunities for our subscribers ) to engage with each other via online as well as in face-to-face opportunities.  To develop new friends and discussions that we all look forward to.  We'll do this through ongoing events, monthly emailed newsletters and reports, as well as focus groups 

Relevance & Influence


To represent a large and influential "pulse" for this demographic and who's opinions, wants and needs are used by today's academics and researchers....those that affect our lives today and into the future.  We'll do this through ongoing polls and surveys to assess the thinking and trends of our subscribers which we in turn share with our affiliate organizations 

Independance of Opinion


To have our subscribers entrust us with their views and opinions and to assure them that reporting as well as our submissions to research are not influenced by any commercial sources such as advertisers, sponsors or other pecuniary elements.

More About Us

Here's a recent interview of our President & Managing Director, Jim Ellis, talking about the origins of The Rotary Dial Connection (originally the Council) and why "influence" is so important to our demographic of those "over 50" ....