Our Connection Affiliates

The National Institute On Ageing


The National Institute on Ageing (NIA) is a university-based think  tank focused on leading cross-disciplinary research, thought leadership,  innovative solutions, policies, and products on ageing. 

The NIA’s  mission is to help governments, health care systems, pension plans,  businesses, and Canadian families to best meet the challenges and  opportunities posed to ageing Canadians and by an ageing demographic.

The NIA is dedicated to enhancing successful ageing across the life  course. It considers ageing issues from a broad range of perspectives,  including income and retirement security, health and well being, and  social inclusion and participation.


We are still in the process of aligning ourselves with a number of academic and professional organizations, who are interested in the opinions of our subscribers.  

Our research affiliates are of critical significance and influence in the areas of social policy making,  
and where our demographic opinion data can be used in support of this research

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our advocacy affiliates

The Ontario Society of Senior Citizens Organizations


OSSCO is a collaborative group of community minded individuals in our  province who are committed to improving the quality of life for  Ontario’s seniors. They do so by involving seniors through our various  activities. 

Today, there are more than 140 organizations under OSSCO’s  umbrella, representing 500,000 seniors in Ontario. In 2017, OSSCO  celebrated 30 years of contributing to the quality of life for Ontario  seniors.   With a focus on 3 things – educational programming, research and public policy  awareness.


We continue to be in the process of aligning ourselves with a number of advocacy organizations, who are interested in the opinions of our Council subscribers.    

These "advocacy affiliates" will be of significance and influence in  speaking on behalf of our demographic and where our opinion data can be used most effectively

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about our Affiliate relationships


It's important to understand that our affiliates' relationship is non-pecuniary and determined by our internal vetting process to ensure the highest level of respect and credibility with those that our subscribers would expect.  

Our affiliates relationship is simple......our affiliates benefit from us sharing of valuable subscriber survey data.  And our subscribers benefit from the good work and influence these affiliates do, in the use of our data.  Plus, we like to post their logo on our Affiliates Page,  so our subscribers know who is using our information.  Simple.