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 Another great source of engagement for our subscribers is our Inside Connection videocast series, that's available virtually anywhere that you have an internet connection and a suitable device.

The Inside Connection section is new series of online videocasts providing information, tips, advice on those subjects of interest to us all such as health, housing, legal, financial, lifestyle and family.  

Presented in 30 minute, relaxed formats, we bring top professionals to the discussion to answer the questions on our minds, and in a way as convenient as possible for you!

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Fostering A Loyal Friend

Here's a great example of one of our favourite video casts to date, featuring   Dr. Jacques Messier, CEO of the Toronto Humane Society

with a fascinating discussion on a programme at the Toronto Humane Society that offers a low risk, low cost, high reward way to find a loyal friend that could make all the difference in your life..... called the Foster Programme!

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